About Us

A Legacy of Excellence in Rodent Control

Rodent Control Hobart is one of the companies in Hobart providing services and real-time help to tackle infestations by rodents(rats and mice). Our company’s tagline is Quality, Safety and Comfort which we provide to all customers. 

Being in the business for 20+ years, we are here with a lot of experience in controlling rodents without causing damage to properties and the environment. Our expert eventually knows that harmful chemicals are even more harmful than the presence of rodents so, our pesticides and other products are ecologically friendly and safe for you and your family and even pets.

Today Rodent Control Hobart is among the leading companies in this service in Hobart. But it is the hard work and enthusiasm of our team that make our company what we are today. 

How Our Company Flourished

With an idea to ensure good health and comfort for the families in the Hobart areas where rodent infestation was a real issue, we started this to give professional service for rodent control in the region. Over the years, our team became permanent rodent controllers for many families and businesses because of our dedication, quality of work, clear results and budget-friendly services. 

We originated with a small office where we took orders for rodent control and then sent our experts to the given address. Now our company is operating online so booking a service and asking your query are no more a hassle. We will be there for you with more options for your safety and rodent control as this demand never ends.


Our Targets As A Rodent Control Company

  • We want no house in Hobart to remain untreated and troubled with rodents.
  • Our company prefers the use of ecologically safe pesticides that provide you with satisfactory results and never harm you and your home environment in any way.
  • Our technicians adopt new procedures and instruments with the changing rodent control scenarios.
  • We provide cost-effective services so that every group of people can afford us and hire us without any hesitation.

Hobart Areas Served By Our Team

We cover every corner of Hobart and provide services in every area. Due to the best services, the demand for our service increased and the people outside Hobart also want our services. We have expanded our areas and now also provide services in the nearby towns.

Preferred by Many For Rodent Control: The Distinctive Qualities Setting Us Apart In Hobart

  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

We have set high standards in this industry. Our ultimate aim is the satisfaction of our customers. We work and give our best services to ensure you guaranteed satisfaction with desired results.

  • Eco-Friendly Approach

We responsibly work as a rodent control company. We use the maximum eco-friendly products that are safe for our environment and help maintain rodent-free homes and businesses. cc

  • Fast And Efficient Services

Our professional gives you a quick response on your bookings and also provides you results which are fast and quality efficient for our clients. Our industry certifications and commitment to meeting and exceeding regulatory standards are for your safety. 

  • 365 Days Service

Our services are available for everyone on all days. When you need our services urgently, our experts are available for you. Get assistance from the passionate professionals who form the backbone of our rodent control success.

  • Modern Tools And Approach

The specialists of our company work very hard to find and implement innovative techniques which provide our procedures with a different level of effectiveness. 

Create Healthier, Safer Spaces- Get Rodent Control Experts Today

We have expertise in safeguarding homes, businesses, and communities against the challenges posed by rodents. Call us today to find a rodent control solution in Hobart