• Pests are tough and can hide and penetrate a home in ways you will not expect. A pest control specialist will understand where to check for pests and will be able to give expert advice on how to avoid or remove pests. In addition, pesticides can only be applied by a qualified pest specialist.

  • Can you serve us in the Adelaide suburbs?

    Yes, we are eager to serve you in all the places near Adelaide. We are just a phone call away. Thus call us immediately to avail of our services. We will try to reach you within an hour of the appointment.

  • What are the risks that pests represent to my family?

    Pests can offer a number of dangers to your family or home, including food-borne infections such as salmonella and E. coli. Which are transmitted to food through contact with rats and roaches, sting insects, bed bug bites, ant, and respiratory allergic reactions by cockroaches. Bed bugs, troublesome birds and animals, and rats may also endanger the structural integrity of your home.